Family love (A poem)

While working round the clock, 24/7
Had this special feeling, for some I’m the heaven
Children and husband slumbering, sound sleeping
Its weekend for ‘em, for me chores peeping
Providing their wants with fresh looks
I’m the Home ministry, a Manager, also a Cook
Was hasty once, got this tolerance unmatched
Love is a wonder ingredient, the extra feature attached
It never lets me down, and keeps me up and green
Day gives a new energy and the Sun new sheen.

My Children’s tribute to their Dad (A poem)

How to tribute you my dear Dad
U tickle and bring me a smile when I am sad.
You play with me even when u r bz.
U save us from mama when she gets angry.
Perhaps u know I enjoy ur company a lot.
Coz u r the one who knows my heart.
You are the one who can still hold me high.
High and high, it feels as if I can fly.
In ur wallet u keep mine n Snyya pic.
But its my heart, where u stick.
People say ‘any man can be a father, but its special person to be a dad‘.
I know u r that special one, I know u r my DAD