Skewed Society.

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When tried to word out truth

Was asked to mute my tongue, as truth was rude,

Tried to vent its anger

No ear to heed; my means were crude?

You truths are poisonous, try being a prude

Why people’s judgements distorting, why opinions skewed.


They boast people as their mentors

Who were taboos of their times

Mocked by men, insulted by society

A rocky road they travelled,

No silk path was ever viewed

Why people’s judgements distorting, why opinions skewed.


Let such bigoted trolls play their ugly flute

Their stories outdated & obsolete

Their whining now can’t delude

Cursing the opposition is their habit

Abusing new ideas, their food

Why people’s judgements distorting, why opinions skewed.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


Let go!!

I’ve grown out and broken your spell
Free as a bird, destined to marvel.
Your wickedness and foul play, left behind
Vileness now doubled as echoed and repelled.
Confound in devilry, with a mark of Cain
You are a prisoner of mind who’s hard to impel.
A farewell, a departure, a covert blessing
Such a finale, tale love to retell.
Found that peace of soul and beyond
All  knots untied, nothing to unravel.
My destiny, way ahead; my journey though long
But far from treachery, & bound to excel.

An Inward Struggle!!

dark night
Senses numb, breathing hard and streite
Each moment, a battle with a demon inside
 Its enormity vast, not shrinking, even slight
Leading to my soul’s perplexity & plight
Confound in its maze, lacking options outright
Lost in its depth, but gaze on height
For a new day I long, for this sun to shine bright
But darkness still murky, lasting long is this night.

Two Realities!!

Two realities come tagged in life, 
Choices n Change, as constant drive.
Inevitable choices are & important change is;
It’s choice budding change or change sprouting choices.
Opportunities and possibilities bring hopes big,
Fate was beyond control, but choice is our pick.
So stay calm and opt the best;
Making world worth living for self n rest.

At sea….

You are here or not
Doesn’t matter at all
Life continues its way
Gathered itself from many shatters & falls.
Special to someone
Wasn’t a fate, never a destiny
Heart says go on your way;
‘Subtle your route, long is your journey’.
Will endure till its end
Though all hazed, blurred and misty
 Voyage is in high tides, so what
I am an Old Salt in life’s Odyssey.


You can act like a stone

Riffling water a little, when thrown.


Or a rhythm, generating lasting waves

The message is consistency in ripples, one plays.


Though vileness is only ephemeral

 Goodness is that Wind, change courses to eternal.


(Truth is) Without darkness, light lacks its meaning

With no confusion, the clarity stays demeaning.


It’s the vagueness that asks for direction

Its nothingness that seeks perfection.


The doubts bring peace & Impossibilities many chances

Corruption we thought, but Virtue made advances.


Deceit tries to undermine Faith

Beautiful thing, that a choice we have.


Which resonates with you is the best one

Its Ripples reaching corners, like the rays of mighty Sun.