A black heart.

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Words sugar sweet, allude intimacy from start

Personas angelic and a divine facade

Found people with thousand faces

And all have the same black heart.


Lectures filled with moralising

 Beliefs high, reflecting priestly art

Infernal in deeds with malignancy impart

And all have the same black heart


What’s the use of false shrouding?

Is life a masquerade of deceptive art?

Purpose lost and essence very flawed;

For those having the same black heart.


(Samima Shah-Faheem)


Sly Fox (A poem)


In life one meets crafty gals n guys
Are nothing more then a heap of lie
Ridiculous  cheats,  of every line
guessed the tale? hanging thereby
Shamelessly Steal, then bray on (others) talents
Oh God plz help such shadowy spys
The  empty boasting, and cheap self praise
Shallowness making a hue and  cry
 its God’s gift which money can’t buy
but they would still give another try
Get over it, you Devil incarnate
or mimicry is thy talent,  foxy Sly.