Elastic Morality (A poem)

Its either black or white,
Rigidness high while judging other’s matter
Dish things out, but can’t take from platter?
What grade your child’s getting?
Staring the dress, “which sect u adhere”?
There’s much “Haram in your Halal, I swear”.
 Judgments sharp & opinions negative.
Got sentenced, ‘t was inevitable
Dealing with a moralist,  goodness a fable.
But Moralities turn lax & principle elastic
When self was to answer
Grey is important, as line in white & black blur
“My Children are only children
they’ll soon learn”..
“what haram or halal? …. I earn”.
“Well life is about gives and takes”
and “opinions often misleads”
There’s eventual goodness in all My deeds.
Fundamentalist for others
For self are temperate
Guessed rightly, only Hypocrites can relate.
(by Samima)

The Seasonals (A poem)

Must have experienced all Seasons
Awaited them, without any reason
But Seasonals, a term coined to ephemeral
Attain short lived HIGHS, seldom durable
Definitely aren’t  any veggies or fruits
But people around us, in varied pursuits.
1st kind of Seasonal are new Homey Chefs
No humble requests listened, are deaf
Become Master Chefs by watching  BBC food
Taste their experiments, or be labeled Rude
Bear such seasonal, is someone close to you
Will make something good, in a day or two
2nd are Seasonal Writers and Readers
Their inspiration is close by, someone else a seeder
Make fabricated news known to you
Have an old reading habit, finish books in hours few
A little digging unfolds some obvious realizations
Skimming and somersaulting with a lot of exaggeration
 Their writing is a word salad , incoherence worth seeing

Dream as published writers, such strange beings

Then comes the 3rd kind of Seasonal
Are philosophers and thinkers, No rules liable
Use others words and thoughts as their own
Quotation marks to them is unknown
If accidently you shed some light to it
A crime unforgetful, sure‘d commit
Be guarded, they can be around you
It’s your luck whichever gets you
(Samima) May 20th, 2012

Green Eyed Monsters (A poem)


First they adore you
Try to explore you

Start to imitate you
Are disasters, mostly blew

Wear cobalt, they bring rail blue
Dress aside, now it’s the same shoe

Then comes interesting part
You become the nail in their heart

What you can, they can Overdo
Are green eyed monsters, who envies you

Treat them just like a seasonal flu
Which end its self, before one knew.

Thinking Forbade (A poem)


A plain matter or uphill concern
When are preached or played
Given knowledge holds no aid
Thinking for some is just forbade
Being casual deliberately or unintentional
Fail to perceive humility masquerades
Are singing same old serenade,
Thinking for some is just forbade
Some impulsive n unpredictable
Hasty and emotional, crowing are unafraid
Commonsense lost n mislaid
Thinking for some is just forbade
Try to be reflective, act more pensive
Stop believing every bray displayed
Better to rethink, let ‘Self’ upgrade
But! Thinking for some is just forbade