in a mood!

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My morning was shining

My day went right

It’s better to live on

Without usual regret bites.


I am in a mood for love & laughter

No more worries I now can bear

When Life is to live, our only option

Why not with cheers, some tagged tears


I have seen many bragging blessed starts

While other whining about storm hitting hard

Little by little, things move, time passes

Embrace uncertainty as life’s reward


It will end soon while we wonder

Was it worth it, was that right

The shadows will stay murky till their very end

But clarity will tear darkness like the beacons of light.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


Autumn Joy (A poem)

Heart  harmonized, senses peace and joy

Feeling the breeze and serenity ahoy.


Softness of solitude intensified

Soul approaching Nature, then reside.


Now is a part to make me a whole

What’s self what’s not, close my goal.


Living so deep and never to be found

Where it commensed, where confound.