Inside Us (A poem)

Inside us we carry that parallel self

A burial vault without any delf

A little prick wakes up that oppressive pain

Buried deep in past with lots of strain

Ugly regrets which weren’t ones fault

Nothingness exaggerated, life craving a halt

 The feeling of lone & lost thing

One trusted most, damage the life string

Taking relations sensitivity, always forgranted

Something and some words, just couldn’t be supplanted

 Left behind is the mirror with a crack

Which magnifies self, one less shiny… other very black.



Sorrows (A poem)

Honour your griefs, Respect your sorrows
 Its gives strength, names you resilient tomorrow.
yes every life has a measure of remorse
becoming bitter or better, is your choice to endorse.
 No one can ever understands your pain.
But  lesson learnt never went in-vain

Happy ever afters are all the same, hence

its sad story that makes the difference.