Lemons & Life!!

Crossed and hurt, never had enough
While others rewarded in galore.
Don’t feel bad when served lemons
Squeeze them well, and ask for more.
It happens to us all
So continue whatever is yours
No stopping for others conjecture
Can’t gauge your worth, better Ignore.
Can shine, don’t need sparkles
Accent mounts others dare explore
Be the window with a unique view
A bold key to open feared doors.
You will course through stormy seas
Swim very hard to reach clear shore
Road can be long & course very crooked
But struggle never futile or useless anymore.

A Bargain (poem)

Felt contented with what I got

Found peace, was agony around

Learning was truly inevitable

When days are hard n hell bound.


 Life’s test is blessing in disguise

Worst is a sign of approaching Good

Deal with your monsters, learn from them

Felt bad first, but later understood.


Yes! Life isn’t fair, handle the crook

 When dishes out pains and tears

Play right cards, bargain well

By taking its wisdom,& tossing back  fears….


Inside Us (A poem)

Inside us we carry that parallel self

A burial vault without any delf

A little prick wakes up that oppressive pain

Buried deep in past with lots of strain

Ugly regrets which weren’t ones fault

Nothingness exaggerated, life craving a halt

 The feeling of lone & lost thing

One trusted most, damage the life string

Taking relations sensitivity, always forgranted

Something and some words, just couldn’t be supplanted

 Left behind is the mirror with a crack

Which magnifies self, one less shiny… other very black.


Taming the Slanderer (A poem)

Ever felt in discussion or heavy spotlight
Bitchy talks after you or just a backbite
You are in their debates for mornings & noon
Not even spared at evenings or night
Prime discourse to some silly trolls
Jealousy main reason, something else may excite
Feel the pride and enjoy the delight
Be a knot to their throat, which adds the plight
its taming the slanderer with his own evil
By keeping calm and shinning bright.

Age of Distraction (A poem)

Life  busy, accompanying Distractions
Modern technology are  addictive attractions
 Preoccupation there, concentration lacking
your precious time this self indulgence hacking
  gratifications costing your work efficiency
Other times  family sensing deficiency
Purpose of life lost & astray
Digital dieting is call for the day
 Cue is prioritizing needs and wants
Productive engagement necessary to ascent this Mont
Balancing the family, work n modern life
Existence much wholesome, wellness thrives.