Nation of Martyrs!!

Inducing guilt & selling martyrs

Claim divinity, yet business in barter.

Generals or Jawan, say all in the line

Later die honest, but former live smarter

Cultivating wars, cropping false aggression

 Use innocent minds for personal charters.


We are a nation of martyrs, waged life in mute jihads

Patriots at heart, no perk in end or starters

We tussle unknown battles for days n nights

Without much returns, yet never think of parter.

We want peace for country, let heaven alone

A better future for children, it’s not much or harder

Hope of a kingdom or a fort invincible

Dream can’t be serene sweet when topping’s of War tarter.




Some stations can’t be owned
Memories crowded, yet feels alone
So, on transition lane we are
Reminding destiny; ‘to home’.

Where to end, from where we begun
A tale once told, very skill fully spun
Fate n success, were all meant to be
Together in a place called Kingdom of Sun.

Its known, haze finally clears
And joys come after buckets of tears
Then why to sorrow, and fear in spheres
Ignorance is blessing, known to cheers.


It’s time to go, let’s say goodbyes

 I want your memories pure, clear in my eyes

Your drizzly mornings and pouring nights

Cloudy all year, & few sunny skies.

Pains and joys finally led us through

 Journey once begun in hows and whys

Learning through endeavour is rare to forget

Retrieval needed for things hard to memorize.

I find it hard, but thanking you Bristol

Leaving you behind, but keeping all ties.


A starry night!!!


While gazing the stars at night

Grabbed idea of my trivial presence

Such pure in-consequence caused fright.

Expanded was my belief in Him

I’m nothing yet reasoning’on lens

What a daredevil who’s destination s light.

To gain or to lose, haven’t viewed

But crossed thresholds & tipped fence

Life whispered, ‘All struggle to shine stellar bright’.

Donation Alert!!!

I have been asked by one of my readers to add a “Donation tab” button. I am very thankful to you for sharing such beautiful idea. So here it goes,

1. One is under Blogroll tab, Care Foundation, which is working for providing “Education to Children” in Pakistan. Its a very reliable organization and doing some impressive work there.

2. Other is , Autism Speaks, its under Social vibe. They also are doing grand for children diagnosed as Autistic or are falling on Autism spectrum disorder.

So, If you are privileged enough to help others, do help, coz you have the power to bring change in someone life who needs it. Your little help can be a lot for somebody.



Obsessions and Society (by Samima)

( Obsessions and how to find a way out of them)
Obsession in an individual is mostly a thought, idea, or a concept, that is inconsistant with reasoning. Particular idea clouds the mind and holds persons attention to an unreasonable extent making simple condition tense for him and complicated for others around him. Like in women bulimia or anorexia is high due to extreme weight loss obsessions (this is severe  form of obsession), or Daily Tech obsession that causing back n neck problems even in yound people. Obsessions can be mild like my son has a Ben 10 obsession these days, but not severe he will grow out in a couple of month.

In adult cases obsessions have a narrow frame of refrence and have what normally known as one-track mindset. Such person is intolerable to others notions and beleifs. “The persons with the one-track mind are the ones who usually have the most collisions.” (Kansas City Times, May, 1932)

Obsession  in society  can develop either naturally or is induced delibrately. Naturally when a rather new group comes in close proximity with the already present one, develops obsession of holding on to their own specific theme (may it be religious or ethinic, linguistic etc)  strongly so that their own identity may not merge into the already present ones.
 The other kind of obsession in socity is the Induced one. A certain fixation is induced into the peoples minds  by spiritual leaders or by interest group who have power over society and have fear of  losing their own effectiveness and position and power otherwise. Their personal interest of ruling and staying in power is behind inducing obsession, molding peoples mind and conforming them, otherwise non conformed society will engulf them and conseuently render them powerless.
 The thing common at both individual and societal level is zero tolerance for others concept or idea, definitely means no way forward and moving in circle around the same notion.  Meaning no growth at individual or at collective level. But the destruction is unimaginable considering the latter one. Because the induced societal obsession is kept alive only by keeping the conformists paranoid and in a state of war with the other.

At individual level the effectees are only the people around that person, his family and friends. But at society level the group who has the upper hand is in better position, the other at its worse. The results sometimes are much more extreme, destructive and consequential like death of one at the hand of other.
The pace at which the obsession in society will move is also not easily determined,  but the thing  in experience is that instead of conformilty it makes the socity more disconnected and  bewildered in a long run.
History is full of examples on obsession and leaders inducing these obsession into societes, take any of them  Stalin, Hitler, or Zia, all these leaders ran their countries on  obsessions. Stalin with  excessive personal control (was one of the most paranoid dictators history has ever seen), Hitler’s with Nazism and Zia with jihad and Islamization of Pakistan. They induced their obsession into the society, which was towards an extreme. The segment in society who share their ideas makes the  society very messed up, jumbled, never a whole. At the end, goal of such obsession is never attained, it either dies down with the inducers death or (mostly) render the society confused and Topsy-turvy.
Studying society and its obsessions is very difficult.  Its the history that tells later the extent of damage these obsession have done,  the permanent scars it has left on society’s face. Adaptation and Synthesis with the changing conditions  is the way forward,  its that Golden key that can open gate for prosperous future for any society or country .

Remembering and Learning from Past by Samima


Learning through history’s chronological events one cognizes that it is in a state of perpetual repetition. Sometimes the time and space differs, at others continent and century but the phenomenon recapitulates. A tainted ruling class with autocratic powers, discriminatory rule of laws, judicial system null and void, unheeded working class, leading to blood full Revolution for freedom from cannibalistic system and a lengthy civil war, among them a leader emerges, who intends to make the fresh system roll. Device his own ideals and standards for good and against the evil, and during the culmination of these ideals becomes tyrant, indulges in mass murders and terrorism against his own countrymen. Loss the intrinsic value of the pristine goal, at the hands of one person paranoia and system is back to square one even after a lengthy grind. Until and unless individuals have  a perspective and learning from the past, their chances of having a cutting edge in future is rare. So are bound to repeat incursions, rendering much toiled struggle  in vain.

“I walk tall with my Reading habit” (by Samima)

Recalling  childhood days I found myself indulged deeply in the habit of reading.  Inception of this habit was  with  small story books like Aesop fables and ranging  fairy tales to thriller like Imran series . I had books on morals, historic figures like Razia Sultana, Salahuddin Ayubi, Muslim Caliphs and their justice.  Of course the choice of books at that time was by my mother …. She used to gift me books on my birthday or on any other occasion.

So the seed of reading was sown there in me very early and very deep.  Then comes a time when the books started to age with me …. Here comes that hardcore literature both  English and Urdu, there was chic feminism of Austen, Asmat Chughtai and Amrita Pritam,  refined writings of Wilde, Bernard Shaw and  Bedi , unconventional fictions by Hardy and Manto, mysteries by Conan Doyl, classic novels by Hajra Masroor, Razia Butt and Khadija Mastoor or best sellers ranging from Stanley Wolpert’s Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan to  Tehmina  Durrani’s My Feudal Lord  and so many others all around me, waiting  to be explored  and I took full advantage of it in my Khalid Uncle’s library …. This reading habit  was a kind of fuel for me at that time .  In those severe & hard competition education days, it was very  hard but I used to manage some time for this habit, don’t know why but every read book proved only a drop in the bucket.
 Today, when I look around, I hardly find a teenager having such  inclination for reading, most aren’t  great proponents . They rather consider reading as very primordial or elementary way of killing time.  Even the course books aren’t welcomed much. Cable and Internet adds fuel to fire in these circumstances. So, Is  the habit of reading dying? though a defence one can give is “World is becoming faster” but internet and other sources of entertainment can never replace books. Acquiring  habits  is always a personal choice, but  it is parents responsibility to provide their child with a stimulating environment or at least any predisposition to certain good habit should  be welcomed.  Reading  books helps character building, defines  an individual’s  standing in society  , and gives depth to a personality. During this habit my process of actualization started  and  was able to comprehend why  Sir Francis Bacon once said “Knowledge is Power”.
Some people these days do  manifest liking for the  habit , they are explicitly telling  u about their  reading habit … but ironically it  only covers newspaper/ magazine reading or some articles of  famous journalist. Our  society isn’t only  lacking this regular disposition  but is  depriving  itself  from  knowledge that these books can provide  us.  We are proactive in becoming  ‘informed’ and overlooking the part called  ‘knowledge ’. Both must go hand in hand, otherwise this shortcoming can always be exploited.