Let go!!

I’ve grown out and broken your spell
Free as a bird, destined to marvel.
Your wickedness and foul play, left behind
Vileness now doubled as echoed and repelled.
Confound in devilry, with a mark of Cain
You are a prisoner of mind who’s hard to impel.
A farewell, a departure, a covert blessing
Such a finale, tale love to retell.
Found that peace of soul and beyond
All  knots untied, nothing to unravel.
My destiny, way ahead; my journey though long
But far from treachery, & bound to excel.


You can act like a stone

Riffling water a little, when thrown.


Or a rhythm, generating lasting waves

The message is consistency in ripples, one plays.


Though vileness is only ephemeral

 Goodness is that Wind, change courses to eternal.


(Truth is) Without darkness, light lacks its meaning

With no confusion, the clarity stays demeaning.


It’s the vagueness that asks for direction

Its nothingness that seeks perfection.


The doubts bring peace & Impossibilities many chances

Corruption we thought, but Virtue made advances.


Deceit tries to undermine Faith

Beautiful thing, that a choice we have.


Which resonates with you is the best one

Its Ripples reaching corners, like the rays of mighty Sun.



Let it be!! (A Poem)

These tiny drops called tears
Came roaring from your inner sea
Set you free, when wandering in haze
Gazed through time, peace found with glee.
They seek your forgiveness,  from you
 When rugged are the times
Carry pain outside so gently
 Like the harmony wind plays with chimes.
Never a sign of fault or failing
But tells your conscience, be strong & free
A molten courage that reminds you again
Wisdom is…. to let it be.

Token of Life (A poem)

When life gives a token to retrospect
Smile for good & learn from bad days
Permeate through past, let never invade
It’s the memory lane not cliches.
Man is nature’s best marvel,
Unique in his own state
Deals with adventures in life
And survives its monotony, when overplayed.
Wisdom is to keep on running
No matter how long or what it takes
The destination is already set
But paramount is the joy one makes.
Don’t count others favors
Or say their grass is Green
Stems only bitterness
Water your turf, keep it clean.
Be grateful, never forgrant blessings
Explore creativity, will set you fly
Love the life and the people around
Feet on ground, yet gaze very high.
 Your life is your gift from God,
The rest stays Inconsequential
 This recall will bring smile to your face
 Glee would be vast, bliss quintessential.

No Regrets (A poem)

Mindless jobs of long hours

Happiness nil, spirits sour

Work is critical, for dues n bills

Life so hard, in perpetual drill

Why it has so much to bear

Blessed only ones, but many despairs

Asking for more, losing moderations

Outlook to life needs contemplations

Happiness was there, always around us

Ignored it, indulged in petty wrong fuss

High earnings and status, we ran after

Were behind pace, so moved faster

The little pleasures of life were neglected

Happiness and life, were so disconnected

After the triumph when looked back

Found meaningless success, nothing intact

Still got time to clean things up

Every day brings new chance, fresh start ups

Life mustn’t end in grieves and regrets

Lessons must be learned, Pattern require a reset


Remembering and Learning from Past by Samima


Learning through history’s chronological events one cognizes that it is in a state of perpetual repetition. Sometimes the time and space differs, at others continent and century but the phenomenon recapitulates. A tainted ruling class with autocratic powers, discriminatory rule of laws, judicial system null and void, unheeded working class, leading to blood full Revolution for freedom from cannibalistic system and a lengthy civil war, among them a leader emerges, who intends to make the fresh system roll. Device his own ideals and standards for good and against the evil, and during the culmination of these ideals becomes tyrant, indulges in mass murders and terrorism against his own countrymen. Loss the intrinsic value of the pristine goal, at the hands of one person paranoia and system is back to square one even after a lengthy grind. Until and unless individuals have  a perspective and learning from the past, their chances of having a cutting edge in future is rare. So are bound to repeat incursions, rendering much toiled struggle  in vain.