in a mood!

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My morning was shining

My day went right

It’s better to live on

Without usual regret bites.


I am in a mood for love & laughter

No more worries I now can bear

When Life is to live, our only option

Why not with cheers, some tagged tears


I have seen many bragging blessed starts

While other whining about storm hitting hard

Little by little, things move, time passes

Embrace uncertainty as life’s reward


It will end soon while we wonder

Was it worth it, was that right

The shadows will stay murky till their very end

But clarity will tear darkness like the beacons of light.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


Pleasures in life!!

There are certain pleasures in  life
Glamorous n charming, enough to excite
Taste so finest, devouring’s a single bite
And fragrance so lovely, brings wonders in  sight.
Indulgence sure dire,
No second thoughts even slight
It’s a game well played, and fair from both sides
Yet no one’s a winner, earned was mere plight.
Why their beginnings so delectable
Why their ends are overnight
An ode to desire is too hard to rewrite
Where ups and downs both burned by spotlight.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Trusting the process!!!

Running for success through days n nights

We hide from dark, in search light.

What’s the use of one when the other’s never faced

How to bless peace when fight never aced.


If the life was a smooth, silky little road

With no bumps or humps, without any load

Wonder will you learn a journey any worth

Better is a toad’s life in bounded earth.


It’s the setback that teaches patience

And the problems ask not to hasten

Though an unknown way, but still on the move

Will discover my pass, will learn my groove.


(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Life in clichés!!!

Though we all want our lives

Spiced with thrill of strays

But can’t ignore its essence

Play consistency in dullness n frays.

Never settle for less

Having more isn’t enough, they say

Happiness, grief a share

When going gets tough, give a little sway.

We want love like all

 Follow same pattern of nights n days

Sometimes peace is being a sand dune

 Life can be lived sometimes in clichés.


A starry night!!!


While gazing the stars at night

Grabbed idea of my trivial presence

Such pure in-consequence caused fright.

Expanded was my belief in Him

I’m nothing yet reasoning’on lens

What a daredevil who’s destination s light.

To gain or to lose, haven’t viewed

But crossed thresholds & tipped fence

Life whispered, ‘All struggle to shine stellar bright’.

An Inward Struggle!!

dark night
Senses numb, breathing hard and streite
Each moment, a battle with a demon inside
 Its enormity vast, not shrinking, even slight
Leading to my soul’s perplexity & plight
Confound in its maze, lacking options outright
Lost in its depth, but gaze on height
For a new day I long, for this sun to shine bright
But darkness still murky, lasting long is this night.


The tingle while riding air
Tasting flavors of life everywhere,
Receiving praise of grandeury
Remember? There’s an end to all glory
Everyone is living a story.
It’s love that takes hype
Or hate, consuming life,
Day s in n out all same
On recall many shades; some cushy, other gory
Everyone is living a story.
Some come with family name;
Others with tribe to flaunt fame,
Some torch (people) houses, others light hope flame,
Choices make some shame, others proud with glory
Everyone is living a story.

A West side Story

Fears irrational, dwellers of mind

Timid & uncertain with horrors unknown

Doubts need time to scatter, dispel

And vagueness space, before it’s gone.


Alien it was, found best resolve

Was empty-handed, now with fortune overload

There’s a light after every dark spell

A beacon so clear, its glow foretold.


Insight’s mine, awareness home

Wisdom’s a flame, burns bright and high

An odyssey of life, with self discovery

It’s prudence and truth, one can’t deny.