Saladin (A poem)

A name well-known to West
And celebrated pride for East
Great warrior named Saladin
Was nemesis for crusades, world agrees

Slim figured and dark complexioned
High endurance and melancholic expressions
Fond of polo and master of chess
Historied tolerance and farsightedness

Islam was in oblivion, 
and Muslims disarrayed
United them, in one leadership
Were brothers of Syria and Egypt

Preferred simple living to palaces
Was a unique commander and strategist
Chivalrous to a fault
Trait so famous, even enemies didn’t miss

A veteran of war when recaptured Jerusalem 
Spills no blood, no revenge whatsoever
Sovereigns always know responsibilities
Show high restraints however

At Acre he amazes with more colors
Like forgiving ‘the lion heart’s’ dark offence
Sending a horse in battlefield
Was a General of high morals, truly immense.

Though considered death knell for Christianity
He showed prime respect and gallantry
Never attacked a Church or destroyed temple
To Women and children, showed supreme chivalry

Its besieged Castle of Aleppo
Or the Castle of Kerak
Kindness is Incomparable
Principles high, not common or generic

Gave Islam its lost height
And long awaited focal point
Made institutions for common man
His standards and virtue never disappoint

A man of Greatness
With Splendor and Distinction
Nothing low, and petty about him
Feels like a warrior of fiction

Commanders do win clashes and wars
Some completely, others in parts
Spilling blood can never what Gallantry starts
Greatness lies in winning battles along with hearts.

In the Name of God (A poem)

Atrocities committed when crusaders fought
Women, children murdered,
Were Non believers of Antioch/ Marat
Jerusalem sieged for a noble Cause
Saracens slaughtered, plundering by holy squad
History sometimes renders us distraught
All crimes committed in the name of God.
It’s the Ideal everyone wants to reach
Closer to God is the sacred haught
The politics and economy is secretly sought
Are selling dreams, these fanatic bigots
Yet all crimes committed in the name of God
Shia against Sunnis or Deobandi, Barelvie
All worship same God, still at odd
Conspiring and scheming
Considers oneself a believer, others NOT
Yet all crimes committed in the name of God
Slaughtering innocents, calling it Jihad
Ruthless are these savage lots
Salvation of afterlife seeking
Atonement for this one, never thought
Yet all crimes committed in the name of God