Bragging Modesty (A poem)

Why boast modesty? Wasn’t handpicked
Bragging seems silly, when was obligation strict.
Posing wise on patterns borrowed by others
Followed a code & custom, or advise by mothers.
Justifying tartness, when Grapes felt sour
Choice will be different, when given some power.
Sour now bad and “those grapes weren’t mine”
Go with the flock, is their new punch line.
Decency out; it’s Vanity that’s in
Advance WE are, hold up the chin.
(Dear) Modesty is a virtue but its flaunting isn’t smart
Simple or Not, be honest with all heart.

Bluebird (A poem)


There is a bluebird sitting in my yard
Singing so gracefully, gives a bright start
Your fine prsesnce in summers and spring
Comely blue plumage, on a branch u cling
Its said u carry sky on back
How  a tiny nester can so much take
Its human boastings, I ve always found
playing Ace, or fake braggings around
But dear bluebird, you so humble
Carrying  sky , yet never mumble
Sung equal for king and ordinary
Open Sky, alike and same for evrybody
Why can’t we find such beautiful beings
Status and ranks these mortals seeing
So dear bluebird! hurry back after winter
Hope it  proves to be a sprinter
My query would be the secret for humility
coz Vanity and Pride is a virtue in  Nobility.