Time turns!!



Time has a habit of turning tables;

When good days come, bad seems fable.


But things never stayed temperate in course,

Man must learn ways to ride its wild horse.


Ones on high perch must keep in mind;

 Phase not lasting, only an ephemeral passing.


If today you flaunt position or glittery crown,

Tomorrow thrones a circus in the hands of a clown.


Lore is whispering; show clemency at all times

But drift responds; flash in good and drag in grimes.


The prudent stays calm in realities of life,

Enlightened in dark, foresee opportunities & thrive.



Self Reliance (A Poem)

A naïve little girl
Always shy and scared
Hard knocks of life tamed her well
Self-reliant now and fully prepared.
Long journey of fear and timidity
Fallen many times, apprehension was paired
Exaggerated modesty was actually cowardice
Boldness and assertion, never dared
Life and Time are two great teachers
Many lessons learned and wisdom shared
happy now, grown out  from past
Things are better and much repaired.
Self reliance her Gold, freedom her riches
To people has accounts undeclared
Assertiveness and confidence now her jewels
 People and life, all  pretty squared.

The Salad Days (A poem)

When life seems fun
Worries less or none

Days are carefree
Nights very sleepy

Energy over flowing
and Ideas pulsating

Choices are easy square
Books are biggest nightmare

School & College  formalities
Yet desire to conquer universality

The World begins with friends
 hot or not, follow every trend

 Parents are resourceful ones
Think have money in tons

Our judgements very harsh
Decisions quick, personality starched

Music is life, volume deafening
Want riches & fame at beginning

Everything starts with I, Me and My
Belong to Royalty, can’t comply

The special beings, destined to rule World
Individuality & Uniqueness, our favorite words

 Love and affairs are also in tunnel
A gossipmonger dropped my news through the funnel

Everything changes when reality hits
Life isn’t fair, everyone admits

It has seldom ups and many lows
Experience asks a lot, many setbacks and blows

Your friends aren’t your world whole
Everyone busy to hit his own goal

 Have to earn to make a living
 No pots of gold there, few upswings

Days are shorter, and nights less sleepy
Once were Salad days, now strange and creepy

But will steer these tough days well
Dreams will be true, after a hard work’s spell