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Stop watering those silly weeds

When your flowers bloom so smart

You are original as this universe

Not a sly boot or some petty upstart


There’s a world inside you

A sea of wisdom, a very kind heart

The evils of world though very distracting

Are they worthy enough in life to bart?


But many silly beings, so consumed in its sheen

Trade their aces to world’s trivial cards

Some are successful, some report a canard

Never hoax a living that was destined to star


Help humanity in suffering

Break reluctance, holding you chained or jarred

A life spent, helping one single soul

 Will bring more peace, and a worthy regard.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


to the inconsequential!

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Certain silly minds, sometimes circle around me

Have hatred in heaps,& gossip shabbily

Their rudeness much salient, back-bite patently

Everything stemming out as a green envy tree.

To all such haters, to all these loathers

You can do better, & you can’t disagree

Why keeping your mind so full of me?

Don’t you feel yourself, my hate’s abductee?

About such poor souls, what I can foresee

I shall be dwelling in their minds, all fare-free.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Be a Morning!!

Be a morning that strikes garden chimes
And brighten all world with sun & sunshine
Plays a song eternal, brace in its rhymes.
 Passes by so gently, but impacts are high
Hope flower bloomed, once a bud very shy
Serenity in gaze, pronounced peace hereby.
Days were strange, & nights felt lost
Morning received me, all free without cost
Here commences Life, concluding Dead frost.

Gorging Life!!

Live so gorged, & breathe so whole
 Life precious gift, superior to silvers n Gold.
Experience every moment, joy all seasons
Though, some get warm, others bitter for no reason.
Be some energy, and glow for a cause
Seek happiness  inside, a treasure soul holds.
Use all colors from your box of crayons
 Life’s much better in bold, italic tones.

Malala (A Poem)

Little girl, courage so high, even Everest shy
Stood against savages, fought bigotry piled high.
Her philosophy: love, her initiative: wisdom
 Bulletproof are such ideas, World stunned.
She longs peace, the silent warrior of Nation
 Shock enough to move her country’s dormant companions.
May u live long Malala, the purest of souls
On return, will find many with you, in your hard strolls.


You can act like a stone

Riffling water a little, when thrown.


Or a rhythm, generating lasting waves

The message is consistency in ripples, one plays.


Though vileness is only ephemeral

 Goodness is that Wind, change courses to eternal.


(Truth is) Without darkness, light lacks its meaning

With no confusion, the clarity stays demeaning.


It’s the vagueness that asks for direction

Its nothingness that seeks perfection.


The doubts bring peace & Impossibilities many chances

Corruption we thought, but Virtue made advances.


Deceit tries to undermine Faith

Beautiful thing, that a choice we have.


Which resonates with you is the best one

Its Ripples reaching corners, like the rays of mighty Sun.



Let it be!! (A Poem)

These tiny drops called tears
Came roaring from your inner sea
Set you free, when wandering in haze
Gazed through time, peace found with glee.
They seek your forgiveness,  from you
 When rugged are the times
Carry pain outside so gently
 Like the harmony wind plays with chimes.
Never a sign of fault or failing
But tells your conscience, be strong & free
A molten courage that reminds you again
Wisdom is…. to let it be.

Lemons & Life!!

Crossed and hurt, never had enough
While others rewarded in galore.
Don’t feel bad when served lemons
Squeeze them well, and ask for more.
It happens to us all
So continue whatever is yours
No stopping for others conjecture
Can’t gauge your worth, better Ignore.
Can shine, don’t need sparkles
Accent mounts others dare explore
Be the window with a unique view
A bold key to open feared doors.
You will course through stormy seas
Swim very hard to reach clear shore
Road can be long & course very crooked
But struggle never futile or useless anymore.

I am Enough!!

I remind myself constantly
That learning from mistakes is a rare ability.
Have that strength to overcome trials
 Smile in hard times, consider whining a vile.
Keep head high when the world’s falling
Miracles of nature, do find their calling.
Wonderful beings with power enormous
Laugh and be grateful, even for small stuff.
Say: I want to live every moment of life
Without thinking of tomorrow, in present I dive.
I am enough and I will be fine
Never let life’s bitterness , shape or define.