in a mood!

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My morning was shining

My day went right

It’s better to live on

Without usual regret bites.


I am in a mood for love & laughter

No more worries I now can bear

When Life is to live, our only option

Why not with cheers, some tagged tears


I have seen many bragging blessed starts

While other whining about storm hitting hard

Little by little, things move, time passes

Embrace uncertainty as life’s reward


It will end soon while we wonder

Was it worth it, was that right

The shadows will stay murky till their very end

But clarity will tear darkness like the beacons of light.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


Skewed Society.

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When tried to word out truth

Was asked to mute my tongue, as truth was rude,

Tried to vent its anger

No ear to heed; my means were crude?

You truths are poisonous, try being a prude

Why people’s judgements distorting, why opinions skewed.


They boast people as their mentors

Who were taboos of their times

Mocked by men, insulted by society

A rocky road they travelled,

No silk path was ever viewed

Why people’s judgements distorting, why opinions skewed.


Let such bigoted trolls play their ugly flute

Their stories outdated & obsolete

Their whining now can’t delude

Cursing the opposition is their habit

Abusing new ideas, their food

Why people’s judgements distorting, why opinions skewed.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)

true colours.

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There’s a blessing in seclusion

There’s a gift hidden in separation

People aren’t the one they seem

Masquerading a self of pure animation


Be true to them with all soul

Pour your heart out in full galore

Open their layers, all attempts will be sore

Are lying through teeth, deception encore


From such treacherous company

From such a traitorous crew

Better be a lone salt, in a sea

Away from all who are tricky and untrue.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


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Stop watering those silly weeds

When your flowers bloom so smart

You are original as this universe

Not a sly boot or some petty upstart


There’s a world inside you

A sea of wisdom, a very kind heart

The evils of world though very distracting

Are they worthy enough in life to bart?


But many silly beings, so consumed in its sheen

Trade their aces to world’s trivial cards

Some are successful, some report a canard

Never hoax a living that was destined to star


Help humanity in suffering

Break reluctance, holding you chained or jarred

A life spent, helping one single soul

 Will bring more peace, and a worthy regard.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)

A black heart.

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Words sugar sweet, allude intimacy from start

Personas angelic and a divine facade

Found people with thousand faces

And all have the same black heart.


Lectures filled with moralising

 Beliefs high, reflecting priestly art

Infernal in deeds with malignancy impart

And all have the same black heart


What’s the use of false shrouding?

Is life a masquerade of deceptive art?

Purpose lost and essence very flawed;

For those having the same black heart.


(Samima Shah-Faheem)


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It’s time to forget and move on

 Feel good to find seclusion in peace zone

Much been lost to hatred, enough of plucking

One can’t stay clean when the mud is thrown.

Constant struggle of thoughts, and clash of minds

Renders nothing fertile, no seed can be sown.

Drive away from such roads that hold you back,

As highway to harmony is through forgiveness and condone.


Mislaid by ill-will & consumed by hostility

How to find peace, when the motive lacks civility

So grant yourself some freedom

And absolve the hatred unknown

Drive away from such roads that hold you back,

As highway to harmony is through forgiveness and condone.


In the end was left some crazy beautiful love

Search in the forest of life, for this pretty dove

Nothing is significant more, everything’s trivial

Profound passion is supreme, its reach not tough

 Drive away from such roads that hold you back,

As highway to harmony is through forgiveness and condone.

 (Samima Shah-Faheem)

to the inconsequential!

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Certain silly minds, sometimes circle around me

Have hatred in heaps,& gossip shabbily

Their rudeness much salient, back-bite patently

Everything stemming out as a green envy tree.

To all such haters, to all these loathers

You can do better, & you can’t disagree

Why keeping your mind so full of me?

Don’t you feel yourself, my hate’s abductee?

About such poor souls, what I can foresee

I shall be dwelling in their minds, all fare-free.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


An emotion that takes thousands of forms

One time loads of cheers at others raging storms

Filled with tears of joy, lacking stability of norms

It’s a lifeline for us all, leave age or time alone


It reaches mountains in a leap, while touching sky from Rome

Some wander wild in search, other contented to roam

Some say you reach heaven, other‘s destiny was home.

Life itself searched the meaning, impossible was an epitome


It crushed few integrals to pieces

 Brought oneness where order wasn’t known

Kings and peasants stand alike in its reign

Who conquers its mystery, will rest this throne.

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Pleasures in life!!

There are certain pleasures in  life
Glamorous n charming, enough to excite
Taste so finest, devouring’s a single bite
And fragrance so lovely, brings wonders in  sight.
Indulgence sure dire,
No second thoughts even slight
It’s a game well played, and fair from both sides
Yet no one’s a winner, earned was mere plight.
Why their beginnings so delectable
Why their ends are overnight
An ode to desire is too hard to rewrite
Where ups and downs both burned by spotlight.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Pretty Souls!!

( This poem is dedicated to my sister Hijab and my friends.)


You ‘r working in perplexing circles of time
Days past by and now  night’s in decline
While looking after your loved ones
Nothings clandestine
I want you all to know,
You are beautiful, more than words can define.
Worn out by people’s slandering
 Weary in hatred twirled vine
Standing erect and heading to your path
One needs an iron spine
I want you all to know,
You are beautiful, more than words can define.
We have things in common, though paths very different
Our goals though vague, certain things bade align
It will get better, this too shall pass
Things  meant to happen in nature’s design
I want you all to know,
 You  are beautiful, more than words can define.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)