Colours of Time!!!

Time changes time flies

Some obligations in the way,

Along with strong bonds and ties.


But sometimes it passed slowly

Things were stagnant and dull

Yet different with all glory.


Happy times came with breaks of gloom

But hope tied in faith

Kept the flowers to bloom.


I am thankful to both for keeping colours there

Life would been a monotony

Without each others share.



Historical echo!! (A Poem)

Dive into books & permeate Past
It’s  same story with action replayed
Heard of history repeating itself?
Was negligence by us, & time relayed.
One civilization ascents high
Wealth and blessings are at peaks
But morals fall and standard lows
When line in Right & Wrong bleaks.
Society is there but essence lost
Collaboration it was, usurped Greed
Violence and fear danced with glee
Children of era swallow such seeds.
Would snatch whatever they want
No rules applicable or mores logical
What been taught, what been seen
Society contagious & pathological.
 Rich living in castles and enclaves
Obsessed with money, buying in tens
Still despondent and hungry
Paranoia high, fear never ends.
Nothing would fill their bellies
As world is cursed with Greed
Lessons discovered by those
Who remember, think and read.
For rest, its repetitions and replays
 History was past, will be their coming
A nightmare bound to recur every night
A plague once broken, or tsunami forth coming.

This Too Shall Pass (A poem)

You did your best
But things went wrong
 All efforts pointless
Some days are very long.
The Rain will stop
The sun will smile
 Life will be great
But wait a little while.
Use that patience key
Which unlocks many gates
 Lessons very lasting
But embracing isn’t straight.
So, don’t lose hope
 And give your best
Despair is corruption
Wait for the best.
Believe in yourself,
As sorrows will harass
But Life takes turns
This too shall pass.
(Inspired by Brave girls club Post)

Life’s Race (A poem)

All want, the best things of Time
Burn ourself and always whine
Regret & lament,  nothings good enough
Life was hard and too much tough
Magnify the context, Content unknown
Left the meaning of life Alone
Our much is little, more is less
Wants are the Needs, We always Press
Such higher and Intelligent Beings
Who take Life as End, not  just Means
Purpose was Happiness , finding Glee
Accessed by some who were free
Rest ran Fast and Won their Race
But Lost to Life, when matched Pace.

30th Page (A Poem)

My Life, my story,
Like a play on stage
A book with a tale
Year for me, for you just a page.
The first few ones
Day’s innocent, beautiful age
But time gets hard,
was destined to rage
In teens imagined
Bird trapped in a cage
Who dreams freedom
Feathers all white with a little beige.
Twenties spent, in tests n struggle
Came of age, could measure n gauge
limits and restrictions, its all in ones head
its Liberation Day on my 30th page.

Depression (A poem)


Everyone has this secret confession
At times, suffers inadequency and Depression
Feeling of lowliness and having not enough
Sometimes your ask is ‘ material possessions’
At sea most of time, floating in critism
Touching the lows of blue and dejection
Things go bad n loose track
Its Life, has Downturns and Recessions
Stop  feeling wretched and hapless
Life’s beautiful, your cursing is transgression
“Adopt the pace of nature, its patience”
Times always in flux, So, misery stays?  Out of Question.