in a mood!

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My morning was shining

My day went right

It’s better to live on

Without usual regret bites.


I am in a mood for love & laughter

No more worries I now can bear

When Life is to live, our only option

Why not with cheers, some tagged tears


I have seen many bragging blessed starts

While other whining about storm hitting hard

Little by little, things move, time passes

Embrace uncertainty as life’s reward


It will end soon while we wonder

Was it worth it, was that right

The shadows will stay murky till their very end

But clarity will tear darkness like the beacons of light.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)


A Bargain (poem)

Felt contented with what I got

Found peace, was agony around

Learning was truly inevitable

When days are hard n hell bound.


 Life’s test is blessing in disguise

Worst is a sign of approaching Good

Deal with your monsters, learn from them

Felt bad first, but later understood.


Yes! Life isn’t fair, handle the crook

 When dishes out pains and tears

Play right cards, bargain well

By taking its wisdom,& tossing back  fears….


Spring is Here ( A poem)


Daisies are dancing
And Dandelions watching
Grass flaunting her green
Winter gone; now spring is the Queen
See daffodiles and tulips
 Lilacs or Muscari’s pointy tips
It’s beautiful transition, but won’t stay
Months are March, April and May
Notice the blossomed cherry tree
Blooming Sakura worth to see
Flying around are the honey bees
God I want this time to freeze
Spring brought new life and hope
Eternal Fall isn’t easy to cope
So, sit and enjoy nature’s spree
Blessing of life very free

Hamza (A poem for my Son)

You came to us as a blessing
 I overwhelmed, showered my love in kissing.
were so delicate and small when born.
and I always keen, how to adorn.
I remember the day you gave the first smile.
and babbled papa first,  i never mind
You were sharp on noticing habits.
 throwing rappers in a bin, soon as you grab it.
You did your early milestones in time.
All of a sudden there was a decline.
We were so worried coz you not talking
 were trying hard, but something was balking.
me always gloomy and your father blue
We left no stone unturn, for finding clue.
Then our prayers were finally granted.
came to this world, recovery seed finally planted.
You were green and naïve in the beginning.
something charming happened, when my trust was thinning.
You started with some small sentences.
Your father and I both asked for repentance.
The progress is still on its way.
We are all fighting for you each day.
I know you’ll win this battle soon.
and we’ll find true happiness after a blue moon.