Failures (A poem)

Like falling down from a rock
Never expected but things flopped
Was left speechless & mindblocked.
There was much struggle and toil
Was up many nights,thought life spoiled
 Surprised big time, ‘coz it recoiled.
At times its a blunder, or just fright
Failing isn’t the end, Not trying adds plight
Say No to timidity, don’t fly but fight.
The priceless failures and tears
Are the inevitables, one can’t spare
Will be gems of  Crown, only triumphs wear.

A share of Success (A Poem)

Your dreams your wishes
On road, in their quest
When  fell or lost
Neither were helped nor addressed
Struggles, your share of life
Battles and trials, your fate
As world only invests
In victors, winners and Greats
If in past were alone
Now in  heaps of requests
Got any idea? Can you assess?
Everybody wants to share that success
Pay the world in same coin
or its your Karma to smile n suppress
Eye for an eye, is your right
Better to advance, not regress

Life is larger than you and me (A poem)


Likes & dislikes, preference & biases
Mundanely worries or heavenly glee
Existance must be liberated and free
Life is much larger than you and me
 We fall short to comprehend it
And say its not my cup of tea
Goals of ABC education, n  Job XYZ
Fail its meaning, when u look back and see
coz life is much larger than you and me
the success of life is achievment and victory
status, a big name, pots of Gold and Money
society  issues ones Boom’s decree
Tied all the way, but think you are free
Life is much larger than you and me
Say! blessed  are the prosperous ones, I disagree
Worldly goals buy contentment, not  guaranteed
feel joyed when have peace internally
Your love, your children will complete this potpourri
So live as unbind not as abductee
Life is much larger than you and me

Success takes Time (A Poem)


A custom “In” with Youth of today
Don’t want struggle, yet dreams to Shine
Dears! Hard work and Effort is crucial
Your success will take some time

Mastering tasks demands toils and pains
Experience is High Mountain to climb
“Diligence is the mother of good fortune”
Wiser gets the idea, losers always whine

Doing things in steps and bits
Like A stitch in time saves nine
Or falling 9 times and getting up 10
Even diamonds need much friction and grind

Little achievements, setbacks, some errors
Suffering builds endurance, that’s prime
A plan and goal setting is important
Result is success and happiness divine.