You can act like a stone

Riffling water a little, when thrown.


Or a rhythm, generating lasting waves

The message is consistency in ripples, one plays.


Though vileness is only ephemeral

 Goodness is that Wind, change courses to eternal.


(Truth is) Without darkness, light lacks its meaning

With no confusion, the clarity stays demeaning.


It’s the vagueness that asks for direction

Its nothingness that seeks perfection.


The doubts bring peace & Impossibilities many chances

Corruption we thought, but Virtue made advances.


Deceit tries to undermine Faith

Beautiful thing, that a choice we have.


Which resonates with you is the best one

Its Ripples reaching corners, like the rays of mighty Sun.




Let it be!! (A Poem)

These tiny drops called tears
Came roaring from your inner sea
Set you free, when wandering in haze
Gazed through time, peace found with glee.
They seek your forgiveness,  from you
 When rugged are the times
Carry pain outside so gently
 Like the harmony wind plays with chimes.
Never a sign of fault or failing
But tells your conscience, be strong & free
A molten courage that reminds you again
Wisdom is…. to let it be.

I am Enough!!

I remind myself constantly
That learning from mistakes is a rare ability.
Have that strength to overcome trials
 Smile in hard times, consider whining a vile.
Keep head high when the world’s falling
Miracles of nature, do find their calling.
Wonderful beings with power enormous
Laugh and be grateful, even for small stuff.
Say: I want to live every moment of life
Without thinking of tomorrow, in present I dive.
I am enough and I will be fine
Never let life’s bitterness , shape or define.

A Bargain (poem)

Felt contented with what I got

Found peace, was agony around

Learning was truly inevitable

When days are hard n hell bound.


 Life’s test is blessing in disguise

Worst is a sign of approaching Good

Deal with your monsters, learn from them

Felt bad first, but later understood.


Yes! Life isn’t fair, handle the crook

 When dishes out pains and tears

Play right cards, bargain well

By taking its wisdom,& tossing back  fears….


Taming the Slanderer (A poem)

Ever felt in discussion or heavy spotlight
Bitchy talks after you or just a backbite
You are in their debates for mornings & noon
Not even spared at evenings or night
Prime discourse to some silly trolls
Jealousy main reason, something else may excite
Feel the pride and enjoy the delight
Be a knot to their throat, which adds the plight
its taming the slanderer with his own evil
By keeping calm and shinning bright.

Good Things Come to those who Wait (A poem)

When people get abusive someway
Are spreading hostility and hate
Harness your emotions, control your state
Indulge neither in discussion, nor debate
Leave certain things to God and fate
Good things come to those who wait.

Spiteful words and double meaning talks
Backbiting and spying so difficult to tolerate
On encounters, they always negate
Cash in your patience, better to collate
Time will answer such foul mates
Good things come to those who wait

Patience is a virtue
Some learn, others have innate
Whether it present or future state
Gratification delays makes one Great
Tame your energies, stay steady and sedate
Good things come to those who wait

Can you relate?