At sea….

You are here or not
Doesn’t matter at all
Life continues its way
Gathered itself from many shatters & falls.
Special to someone
Wasn’t a fate, never a destiny
Heart says go on your way;
‘Subtle your route, long is your journey’.
Will endure till its end
Though all hazed, blurred and misty
 Voyage is in high tides, so what
I am an Old Salt in life’s Odyssey.

Let it be!! (A Poem)

These tiny drops called tears
Came roaring from your inner sea
Set you free, when wandering in haze
Gazed through time, peace found with glee.
They seek your forgiveness,  from you
 When rugged are the times
Carry pain outside so gently
 Like the harmony wind plays with chimes.
Never a sign of fault or failing
But tells your conscience, be strong & free
A molten courage that reminds you again
Wisdom is…. to let it be.

A Bargain (poem)

Felt contented with what I got

Found peace, was agony around

Learning was truly inevitable

When days are hard n hell bound.


 Life’s test is blessing in disguise

Worst is a sign of approaching Good

Deal with your monsters, learn from them

Felt bad first, but later understood.


Yes! Life isn’t fair, handle the crook

 When dishes out pains and tears

Play right cards, bargain well

By taking its wisdom,& tossing back  fears….


Your Troubles Are Making You Strong (A poem)

One after another
Challenges come, and grab your arm
You ask life, Now whats wrong?
Troubles said: We are making you strong
Living a breezy life
Where no effort tag along
One never realizes what he has
Grasps after struggle short or long
Troubles said: We are making you strong
When Man helped butterfly in cocoon
Hindered its struggle, made a slit drawn
With swollen body and crippled wings
Would never, but was a destined flown
Troubles said: We were making it strong
Everyone has a talent deeply sown
With no strive, stay hidden and unknown
In weakest moment one become strong
So, cash in  hardships, they bring a new dawn
Troubles said: we will make you strong.
(Samima) 17thMay, 2012