Power to Choice!!


Nature and Man (A poem inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay, Nature)

She wants to be experienced and known
Needs solitude, wants him to be alone
Nature is bold, clear and manifesting
While Man opaque with fears and hauntings
See how she drapes everyday with sunshine
Hitting Him, effecting Him, so sharp and define
She makes things bright, whether huge or small
Nature is free, owned by none, enjoyed by all.
 Ever taken in the sun?
Experience some of it, don’t know how it begun
But a Child let its rays in to reach his heart
She (nature) smiles & says, “He’s still my part
He is pure, and in harmony
Sees through sunlight and feels sunny.”
(Nature to man)
Come to Me in woods and experience true self
 feel age free and borderless
sense my presence all around you
You and I are one, this is true
Our accord is beautiful delight
My principle is moderation, I never excite
I have delightful days and melancholic times
Nothing in world is in perpetual prime
But My (nature) contempt with you (man) takes a start
You will be consumed by your fire, taken a halt
I would remain here without ‘you’ my companion
My moments less complete, my sky more glum.
(Samima. May 28th, 2012)