Doronicums are Smiling (A poem)


Standing in a row
and greeting Hello
Doronicums are smiling
With their shiny Yellow.
The green hearty leaves
Encircle all you fellows
Feel so soft, rich and mellow
Rose is a king but you a Stello
Doronicum are smiling
with their shiny Yellow.
Happiness so vivid by your tone
Wisdoms the symbol that glows
Way you move when wind blows
Seems breeze playing Cello
Doronicum are smiling
with their shiny Yellow.

Spring is Here ( A poem)


Daisies are dancing
And Dandelions watching
Grass flaunting her green
Winter gone; now spring is the Queen
See daffodiles and tulips
 Lilacs or Muscari’s pointy tips
It’s beautiful transition, but won’t stay
Months are March, April and May
Notice the blossomed cherry tree
Blooming Sakura worth to see
Flying around are the honey bees
God I want this time to freeze
Spring brought new life and hope
Eternal Fall isn’t easy to cope
So, sit and enjoy nature’s spree
Blessing of life very free