A West side Story

Fears irrational, dwellers of mind

Timid & uncertain with horrors unknown

Doubts need time to scatter, dispel

And vagueness space, before it’s gone.


Alien it was, found best resolve

Was empty-handed, now with fortune overload

There’s a light after every dark spell

A beacon so clear, its glow foretold.


Insight’s mine, awareness home

Wisdom’s a flame, burns bright and high

An odyssey of life, with self discovery

It’s prudence and truth, one can’t deny.




A Bargain (poem)

Felt contented with what I got

Found peace, was agony around

Learning was truly inevitable

When days are hard n hell bound.


 Life’s test is blessing in disguise

Worst is a sign of approaching Good

Deal with your monsters, learn from them

Felt bad first, but later understood.


Yes! Life isn’t fair, handle the crook

 When dishes out pains and tears

Play right cards, bargain well

By taking its wisdom,& tossing back  fears….


Family love (A poem)

While working round the clock, 24/7
Had this special feeling, for some I’m the heaven
Children and husband slumbering, sound sleeping
Its weekend for ‘em, for me chores peeping
Providing their wants with fresh looks
I’m the Home ministry, a Manager, also a Cook
Was hasty once, got this tolerance unmatched
Love is a wonder ingredient, the extra feature attached
It never lets me down, and keeps me up and green
Day gives a new energy and the Sun new sheen.

Taming the Slanderer (A poem)

Ever felt in discussion or heavy spotlight
Bitchy talks after you or just a backbite
You are in their debates for mornings & noon
Not even spared at evenings or night
Prime discourse to some silly trolls
Jealousy main reason, something else may excite
Feel the pride and enjoy the delight
Be a knot to their throat, which adds the plight
its taming the slanderer with his own evil
By keeping calm and shinning bright.

This Too Shall Pass (A poem)

You did your best
But things went wrong
 All efforts pointless
Some days are very long.
The Rain will stop
The sun will smile
 Life will be great
But wait a little while.
Use that patience key
Which unlocks many gates
 Lessons very lasting
But embracing isn’t straight.
So, don’t lose hope
 And give your best
Despair is corruption
Wait for the best.
Believe in yourself,
As sorrows will harass
But Life takes turns
This too shall pass.
(Inspired by Brave girls club Post)

Good Things Come to those who Wait (A poem)

When people get abusive someway
Are spreading hostility and hate
Harness your emotions, control your state
Indulge neither in discussion, nor debate
Leave certain things to God and fate
Good things come to those who wait.

Spiteful words and double meaning talks
Backbiting and spying so difficult to tolerate
On encounters, they always negate
Cash in your patience, better to collate
Time will answer such foul mates
Good things come to those who wait

Patience is a virtue
Some learn, others have innate
Whether it present or future state
Gratification delays makes one Great
Tame your energies, stay steady and sedate
Good things come to those who wait

Can you relate?