Colours of Time!!!

Time changes time flies

Some obligations in the way,

Along with strong bonds and ties.


But sometimes it passed slowly

Things were stagnant and dull

Yet different with all glory.


Happy times came with breaks of gloom

But hope tied in faith

Kept the flowers to bloom.


I am thankful to both for keeping colours there

Life would been a monotony

Without each others share.



Token of Life (A poem)

When life gives a token to retrospect
Smile for good & learn from bad days
Permeate through past, let never invade
It’s the memory lane not cliches.
Man is nature’s best marvel,
Unique in his own state
Deals with adventures in life
And survives its monotony, when overplayed.
Wisdom is to keep on running
No matter how long or what it takes
The destination is already set
But paramount is the joy one makes.
Don’t count others favors
Or say their grass is Green
Stems only bitterness
Water your turf, keep it clean.
Be grateful, never forgrant blessings
Explore creativity, will set you fly
Love the life and the people around
Feet on ground, yet gaze very high.
 Your life is your gift from God,
The rest stays Inconsequential
 This recall will bring smile to your face
 Glee would be vast, bliss quintessential.

Ever After (A Poem)

Ever been in a dream
With kings and queens
Where beautiful fairies fly
And witches snoop and spy
Some long dreamy days
where worry never stays
But things took turn & were spellbound
Utopian it was, now castle’s a compound
Then he came, the destined one
Kiss ended jinx, all sorcery shun
Just begun, was my happy ever after
Rise and Shine Princess, Alarm rung its laughter.

Living Well (A poem)

You feel Riches and wealth felicity agents
 Not a recipe for better life spent

Flying around, exotic foods and flashy cars
May add little but won’t fill happiness jars

How to acquire Joy is a million dollar question
Some small tricks, a good mindset, everything freshens

 Simple food/shelters and meaningful work that matters
Want little, desire few, woes would shatter

Live in present, stop future worries
Be happy who you are, let regrets bury

Feel grateful to life for small pleasures
Berries, chocolates, tea, sometimes good book a treasure

Drive should be Joy never fear
 Interesting and valuable things complete life sphere

Practicing compassion to others is rewarding
And to yourself, it’s eating well and exercising

Life isn’t all goals, productivity and numbers
Treat lifes a gift, it’s the poor outlook that encumbers