An emotion that takes thousands of forms

One time loads of cheers at others raging storms

Filled with tears of joy, lacking stability of norms

It’s a lifeline for us all, leave age or time alone


It reaches mountains in a leap, while touching sky from Rome

Some wander wild in search, other contented to roam

Some say you reach heaven, other‘s destiny was home.

Life itself searched the meaning, impossible was an epitome


It crushed few integrals to pieces

 Brought oneness where order wasn’t known

Kings and peasants stand alike in its reign

Who conquers its mystery, will rest this throne.

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Pleasures in life!!

There are certain pleasures in  life
Glamorous n charming, enough to excite
Taste so finest, devouring’s a single bite
And fragrance so lovely, brings wonders in  sight.
Indulgence sure dire,
No second thoughts even slight
It’s a game well played, and fair from both sides
Yet no one’s a winner, earned was mere plight.
Why their beginnings so delectable
Why their ends are overnight
An ode to desire is too hard to rewrite
Where ups and downs both burned by spotlight.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Pretty Souls!!

( This poem is dedicated to my sister Hijab and my friends.)


You ‘r working in perplexing circles of time
Days past by and now  night’s in decline
While looking after your loved ones
Nothings clandestine
I want you all to know,
You are beautiful, more than words can define.
Worn out by people’s slandering
 Weary in hatred twirled vine
Standing erect and heading to your path
One needs an iron spine
I want you all to know,
You are beautiful, more than words can define.
We have things in common, though paths very different
Our goals though vague, certain things bade align
It will get better, this too shall pass
Things  meant to happen in nature’s design
I want you all to know,
 You  are beautiful, more than words can define.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Let go!!

I’ve grown out and broken your spell
Free as a bird, destined to marvel.
Your wickedness and foul play, left behind
Vileness now doubled as echoed and repelled.
Confound in devilry, with a mark of Cain
You are a prisoner of mind who’s hard to impel.
A farewell, a departure, a covert blessing
Such a finale, tale love to retell.
Found that peace of soul and beyond
All  knots untied, nothing to unravel.
My destiny, way ahead; my journey though long
But far from treachery, & bound to excel.

An Inward Struggle!!

dark night
Senses numb, breathing hard and streite
Each moment, a battle with a demon inside
 Its enormity vast, not shrinking, even slight
Leading to my soul’s perplexity & plight
Confound in its maze, lacking options outright
Lost in its depth, but gaze on height
For a new day I long, for this sun to shine bright
But darkness still murky, lasting long is this night.

2012 (A poem)

2012 pic
What a year; garnered with cheers n trials
Learnt from sufferings, cherished smiles.

The bad days were long, thought never end
But good days ensued as Sun, Old friend!

Radiant n lucid; as nothing was grim,
‘Pain made sense’, once reflected life’s film.
It realized me of many hidden treasures,
Capabilities aren’t sorted, in joys n pleasures.

Now feeling good, and consider grind a blessing
Gem needs polishing, not pampers or caressing.

Faith kept me going even in sinister dark,
Went through hell, but found some sparks.

Were hopes actually, believed things will work out,
Its bumper year ahead, after a long drought.

Two Realities!!

Two realities come tagged in life, 
Choices n Change, as constant drive.
Inevitable choices are & important change is;
It’s choice budding change or change sprouting choices.
Opportunities and possibilities bring hopes big,
Fate was beyond control, but choice is our pick.
So stay calm and opt the best;
Making world worth living for self n rest.


The tingle while riding air
Tasting flavors of life everywhere,
Receiving praise of grandeury
Remember? There’s an end to all glory
Everyone is living a story.
It’s love that takes hype
Or hate, consuming life,
Day s in n out all same
On recall many shades; some cushy, other gory
Everyone is living a story.
Some come with family name;
Others with tribe to flaunt fame,
Some torch (people) houses, others light hope flame,
Choices make some shame, others proud with glory
Everyone is living a story.

Words Undone!!

Some words leave us stun
Tears, which slit heart;
And its soul, that burns.
Though phase gets blurry
 Feelings lighter by every second;
But impressions are deep, with many lessons.
 Relations seems barren
And bonds without stem;
Words can be violent, as weapons.
So little mind before words;
Opinions need some reckon
As bitter words just can’t be undone.

Time turns!!



Time has a habit of turning tables;

When good days come, bad seems fable.


But things never stayed temperate in course,

Man must learn ways to ride its wild horse.


Ones on high perch must keep in mind;

 Phase not lasting, only an ephemeral passing.


If today you flaunt position or glittery crown,

Tomorrow thrones a circus in the hands of a clown.


Lore is whispering; show clemency at all times

But drift responds; flash in good and drag in grimes.


The prudent stays calm in realities of life,

Enlightened in dark, foresee opportunities & thrive.