in a mood!

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My morning was shining

My day went right

It’s better to live on

Without usual regret bites.


I am in a mood for love & laughter

No more worries I now can bear

When Life is to live, our only option

Why not with cheers, some tagged tears


I have seen many bragging blessed starts

While other whining about storm hitting hard

Little by little, things move, time passes

Embrace uncertainty as life’s reward


It will end soon while we wonder

Was it worth it, was that right

The shadows will stay murky till their very end

But clarity will tear darkness like the beacons of light.

(Samima Shah-Faheem)



An emotion that takes thousands of forms

One time loads of cheers at others raging storms

Filled with tears of joy, lacking stability of norms

It’s a lifeline for us all, leave age or time alone


It reaches mountains in a leap, while touching sky from Rome

Some wander wild in search, other contented to roam

Some say you reach heaven, other‘s destiny was home.

Life itself searched the meaning, impossible was an epitome


It crushed few integrals to pieces

 Brought oneness where order wasn’t known

Kings and peasants stand alike in its reign

Who conquers its mystery, will rest this throne.

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A tale of Goodwill!!

A family of four; parents, two sons;
Charlie the elder, young was Harrison.

Every blessing of World ‘ imagine,
Father provided keenly in abundant fashion.


But something tormented him from inside,
Peeled his flesh n blood, was Charlie (his son) his pride.


Dearest to him, was the upshot of his dreams;
But seemed aloof & angry with demands in extreme.


A connection suggested (father) to be friends with sons;
‘Will be on losing end, this gap is grave concern’.


Thought of intervention towards younger son,
Forbade him to imitate, the child was Harrison.


One day he asked the younger one:
Spare sometime my dear son


Some interests to relate, define & renew
Share mundanely matters, or when u feel blue.


‘Feel free to tell secrets, I am your friend’
And father felt feather light, thought relations all mend.


That Young soul took advice by heart.
Green & unfledged, thought a friendly start.


But what to talk or tell, nothing came to mind;
Next day after school, Harrison skipped play time,


And waited for his father’s to come from work.
Sat along him, questioned nonsense irks.


Father answered few, but wasn’t in a mood
Conversation at sea, matters very crude.


Next day he waited again
But still no hope, not much gain.


Without any clue started same discussion,
Pointless it was, knew result was concussion.


Never called for, two days in stack
Goodwill once volunteered, but hope taking aback.


Still with spirits though not very high,
Son waited third day, to meet his big guy.


Same clueless questions he had;
But Answer this time, was bitter and sad.


‘Why so inquisitive & interrogative to me,
I am your father, not a proven guilty’.


Son stood baffled, what to say ….
But friendship was confident enough to sneak away.


Gorging Life!!

Live so gorged, & breathe so whole
 Life precious gift, superior to silvers n Gold.
Experience every moment, joy all seasons
Though, some get warm, others bitter for no reason.
Be some energy, and glow for a cause
Seek happiness  inside, a treasure soul holds.
Use all colors from your box of crayons
 Life’s much better in bold, italic tones.

Family love (A poem)

While working round the clock, 24/7
Had this special feeling, for some I’m the heaven
Children and husband slumbering, sound sleeping
Its weekend for ‘em, for me chores peeping
Providing their wants with fresh looks
I’m the Home ministry, a Manager, also a Cook
Was hasty once, got this tolerance unmatched
Love is a wonder ingredient, the extra feature attached
It never lets me down, and keeps me up and green
Day gives a new energy and the Sun new sheen.

Life is larger than you and me (A poem)


Likes & dislikes, preference & biases
Mundanely worries or heavenly glee
Existance must be liberated and free
Life is much larger than you and me
 We fall short to comprehend it
And say its not my cup of tea
Goals of ABC education, n  Job XYZ
Fail its meaning, when u look back and see
coz life is much larger than you and me
the success of life is achievment and victory
status, a big name, pots of Gold and Money
society  issues ones Boom’s decree
Tied all the way, but think you are free
Life is much larger than you and me
Say! blessed  are the prosperous ones, I disagree
Worldly goals buy contentment, not  guaranteed
feel joyed when have peace internally
Your love, your children will complete this potpourri
So live as unbind not as abductee
Life is much larger than you and me

Hamza (A poem for my Son)

You came to us as a blessing
 I overwhelmed, showered my love in kissing.
were so delicate and small when born.
and I always keen, how to adorn.
I remember the day you gave the first smile.
and babbled papa first,  i never mind
You were sharp on noticing habits.
 throwing rappers in a bin, soon as you grab it.
You did your early milestones in time.
All of a sudden there was a decline.
We were so worried coz you not talking
 were trying hard, but something was balking.
me always gloomy and your father blue
We left no stone unturn, for finding clue.
Then our prayers were finally granted.
came to this world, recovery seed finally planted.
You were green and naïve in the beginning.
something charming happened, when my trust was thinning.
You started with some small sentences.
Your father and I both asked for repentance.
The progress is still on its way.
We are all fighting for you each day.
I know you’ll win this battle soon.
and we’ll find true happiness after a blue moon.

Snyya- My little Lark

O’ Snyya! my darling, noisy little lark
 Cheerful and chatty, you want an early morning start,
 ‘go to sleep hun’, I say, ‘its still very dark’.
 you came to us, as a memorable gift.
Hamza sensed your absence, playing alone in the park.
                                                                     How easily you filled that big question mark.
  Can still remember, the day you were born
 So fair and beautiful, mirroring an angel
 Your father was proud and I sublime,
  you surley raised our beauty benchmark.
 Your brother, yet another We feel so blessed to have you dear
 whose love is hallmark.
  I pray for you, and your golden future.
my Rain after dry weather and Sunshine after night’s stark
 You’ll shine like a Star … not just a spark.