I want my happiness to relish
 In the limitless sky with spree
Enjoying all life of abundance
Without hates, regrets and self piety.
No broken heart aches or bitterness
No despair or hostility
What a world would it be for me?
Of contentment, joy n glee.
I hope for a painless day
With no grief of past misery
But that’s like a wish, very futile
Wanting ripest fruits from a rootless tree.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)



Trusting the process!!!

Running for success through days n nights

We hide from dark, in search light.

What’s the use of one when the other’s never faced

How to bless peace when fight never aced.


If the life was a smooth, silky little road

With no bumps or humps, without any load

Wonder will you learn a journey any worth

Better is a toad’s life in bounded earth.


It’s the setback that teaches patience

And the problems ask not to hasten

Though an unknown way, but still on the move

Will discover my pass, will learn my groove.


(Samima Shah-Faheem)

Purple rain!!!

The rain was pouring in galore

Made me think of u even more

Though memories have faded long ago

Some past boats left on my hearty shore.


The bells of cheer, coloured my days

Lull of nights solaced, I was sure

This swing in dark n light is torturing

 Bore a burden, always abhorred.


Life continued testing limits once set

Surrounded by wolfs, crows, wild bores

To bear such creeps, was one big task

Building walls sky high, keeping open all doors.

(Samima Shah-Fahim)

Life in clichés!!!

Though we all want our lives

Spiced with thrill of strays

But can’t ignore its essence

Play consistency in dullness n frays.

Never settle for less

Having more isn’t enough, they say

Happiness, grief a share

When going gets tough, give a little sway.

We want love like all

 Follow same pattern of nights n days

Sometimes peace is being a sand dune

 Life can be lived sometimes in clichés.


A wish!!!

Some parts of life, still fragile n tender

No matter how much I care

The path is getting slender.


Point of life was to live to a full

And letting others to live; but

I am playing trumpet for some cows’ n bulls.


Say modesty a joke, mere weakness

Money is thy standard, show offing a rule

And vanity with pride is only uniqueness.


I wish some sense of gold, shining ever so bright

Its sparkle I want, in some silvers & white

Give all these conceited blinds some light. 


Colours of Time!!!

Time changes time flies

Some obligations in the way,

Along with strong bonds and ties.


But sometimes it passed slowly

Things were stagnant and dull

Yet different with all glory.


Happy times came with breaks of gloom

But hope tied in faith

Kept the flowers to bloom.


I am thankful to both for keeping colours there

Life would been a monotony

Without each others share.


Nation of Martyrs!!

Inducing guilt & selling martyrs

Claim divinity, yet business in barter.

Generals or Jawan, say all in the line

Later die honest, but former live smarter

Cultivating wars, cropping false aggression

 Use innocent minds for personal charters.


We are a nation of martyrs, waged life in mute jihads

Patriots at heart, no perk in end or starters

We tussle unknown battles for days n nights

Without much returns, yet never think of parter.

We want peace for country, let heaven alone

A better future for children, it’s not much or harder

Hope of a kingdom or a fort invincible

Dream can’t be serene sweet when topping’s of War tarter.



Some stations can’t be owned
Memories crowded, yet feels alone
So, on transition lane we are
Reminding destiny; ‘to home’.

Where to end, from where we begun
A tale once told, very skill fully spun
Fate n success, were all meant to be
Together in a place called Kingdom of Sun.

Its known, haze finally clears
And joys come after buckets of tears
Then why to sorrow, and fear in spheres
Ignorance is blessing, known to cheers.


It’s time to go, let’s say goodbyes

 I want your memories pure, clear in my eyes

Your drizzly mornings and pouring nights

Cloudy all year, & few sunny skies.

Pains and joys finally led us through

 Journey once begun in hows and whys

Learning through endeavour is rare to forget

Retrieval needed for things hard to memorize.

I find it hard, but thanking you Bristol

Leaving you behind, but keeping all ties.