2012 (A poem)

2012 pic
What a year; garnered with cheers n trials
Learnt from sufferings, cherished smiles.

The bad days were long, thought never end
But good days ensued as Sun, Old friend!

Radiant n lucid; as nothing was grim,
‘Pain made sense’, once reflected life’s film.
It realized me of many hidden treasures,
Capabilities aren’t sorted, in joys n pleasures.

Now feeling good, and consider grind a blessing
Gem needs polishing, not pampers or caressing.

Faith kept me going even in sinister dark,
Went through hell, but found some sparks.

Were hopes actually, believed things will work out,
Its bumper year ahead, after a long drought.

2 thoughts on “2012 (A poem)

  1. Thank you Samima for liking my posts.this is a lovely poem.Wishing you a delightful day.jalal

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