Time turns!!



Time has a habit of turning tables;

When good days come, bad seems fable.


But things never stayed temperate in course,

Man must learn ways to ride its wild horse.


Ones on high perch must keep in mind;

 Phase not lasting, only an ephemeral passing.


If today you flaunt position or glittery crown,

Tomorrow thrones a circus in the hands of a clown.


Lore is whispering; show clemency at all times

But drift responds; flash in good and drag in grimes.


The prudent stays calm in realities of life,

Enlightened in dark, foresee opportunities & thrive.


2 thoughts on “Time turns!!

  1. Samima ,thank you for liking my post ..forgiveness..l appreciate your blog and read your posts.wihing you beautiful holidays.jalal

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