Dare to Diverge (by Tough Minded Optimism)

T.K. Coleman's Blog

Much of what we call “expert advice” is a systemized expression of improvised strategies.

Our favorite experts did not succeed because they were experts when they began, but because they figured out ways, often unwittingly, to assimilate the elements around them into their creative process.

In other words, they made it up as they went along and we listen to them because it worked.

More often than not, the defining difference between someone who’s celebrated as an expert and someone who’s perceived to be a fool is that one succeeds and the other fails.

Even the so-called “quackpot” is embraced as an expert once his methods prove effective.

The truth about experts we often miss is that they are insightful, successful, and credible precisely because they listen to their own voice and they make their own subjective experiences the final arbiter of what is right for them.

They don’t necessarily…

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