An Autistic Cry (A poem)

Special is the term suggested for me
Coz I am the 1 in 150
You Say I’m complex, difficult to handle
What I feel? let me light a candle
Through tantrums, I want you all to hear
The burden I carry, which only I bear
Want to rest and sleep, but can’t
Love to help you, wish could rant
I love my parents, but can’t express
Want cuddles & hugs, I must confess
Simple things for me are so uphill
Days and nights, a constant drill
Wish had friends, to play & have fun
 But can’t speak, so always turn
I want to look at people and see
Eye contact is so hard & uneasy for me
Some think I am hermit and a loner
Tell you, have a world in me, I am its owner
Still I am special, a beautiful whole
Wish was a diamond, for now just a coal.

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