There is a God (A poem)

While living the indulgent & busy lives

From day till night, one remain in strives

Handling matters one feels indispensable

Imperative for the life and death a fable

Having idea, that he runs the world

Otherwise progress is none, productivity twirled

Man, who considers himself absolutely free

The be-all, the end-all, an ace of liberty

It’s true, has got lot of potential

Can move mountains, rest inconsequential

Stellar knowledge, making things world class

Information immense, like predicting and forecast

But Alas with all Success, still in oblivion

In losses and errs, reverts to the One, his true companion

Realization grows with his uncertainty

Vagueness and ambiguity, makes him saintly

Physical ailment or worldly oppression

Hard knocks of life, brings many confessions

But look at the Gracious, the Almighty

Still listens, and guide us Rightly

Forgives our forgetfulness and asks us to rethink

In  neglect, have missed the most essential link

Turn to HIM, whose there and listening

In turn is his kindness and countless blessings.

(Samima) May 21st, 2012


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